Information Regarding Certificates (Evidence)
of Insurance and Flood Declaration Pages



Non-Condominium Accounts

Certificates of Insurance for Commercial Accounts

If your business needs to provide certificates of insurance to your customers,

please contact your representative at our office by calling (877) 641-6677 .



Condominium Accounts

Current Year Certificates of Insurance for Association Unit Owners

To better serve our customers we partnered with EOI Direct to provide round-the-clock automated

certificate of insurance delivery and online access to insurance information for lenders, mortgage

brokers, closing agents, realtors and homeowners in need of a certificate of insurance or

master policy data for community associations insured through our agency.


To request a current year certificate of insurance, or to view the policy coverages listed on a particular certificate,

please visit EOI Direct. If you are a first-time user, follow the links to register and write down your User ID and

Password so you can log in to your account when prompted. EOI charges a nominal processing fee except for unit owner renewals but there is no cost to register or to review basic master policy information.


Once you have logged in to your account, click on “Evidence of Insurance” to search and access

the association or policy information you are seeking. EOI Direct’s customer service department

is available from 9AM to 8PM (Eastern Time) Monday through Friday to provide additional assistance.



Prior Years Certificates of Insurance

Send all requests/questions for prior year certificates to or fax to (561) 448-7410. Please include the name of the association, the unit owner's name, address and loan number. The information provided is authorized only for unit owners, their legal representatives, associations, management companies and mortgage lenders for verifying insurance coverage. Any other use or user is prohibited.

EOI Direct:
1880 W. Judith Lane, Ste. 220
Boise, ID 83705

Help Desk Phone: (877) 456-3643



Flood Insurance Declaration Pages

Mortgage lenders may ask for Flood Insurance Declaration pages instead of the industry standard Certificates of Insurance.

If you are a unit owner or Mortgage Lender and need evidence of Flood insurance, and the Flood Dec pages were not available online through EOI Direct, please fax that letter/request to (609) 641-6670, or scan and email it to Please include the name of the association, the unit owner's name, address and loan number.

Alteration of Certificates:

Any insurance agent or agency that provides wording on a certificate or evidence of insurance that is not supported

by the policy violates State Statutes and risks severe penalties including, but not limited to, substantial fines by the Department of Financial Services and/or loss of their license.  Therefore, Global Risk Partners will not comply with a request to place wording on a certificate or evidence of insurance that is not supported by the policy.  Additionally, we will report all such requests/demands by any lending institution and/or mortgage broker to the various State Offices of Financial Regulation and/or the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency under the U.S. Department of the Treasury at,   or call (800) 613-6743.

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