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In the event of a loss...


Immediately report your loss to Global Risk Partners

CALL: (877) 641-6677 ext. 11



Our claims representative will assist you by processing the claim with your carrier and will request that an adjuster contact you as soon as possible.


Take precautions to avoid further damage to your property. If the damages require you to leave the premises, secure your property, remove valuable items, and lock windows and doors. These same precautions should be taken if you must evacuate before a storm. When it's safe to return, make emergency repairs and document them, your policy requires such repairs. Keep all receipts and take photographs of the damages - before and after emergency repairs - to submit with your claim. Do not make extensive repairs before the claim adjuster arrives nor discard damaged furniture or other contents as the adjuster will want to see them. Make a list of everything you would like to show the adjuster when he or she arrives.


Commercial Accounts:

Please contact our claims department. Check your policy documents for procedures and contact info. For condominiums, please note that only board members or the management company can report a claim under the association's policies.


Notice to condominium unit owners:

Damages to common areas are covered by the insurance policy of the association. Only the board or management company can report those claims, even if the damage affects the unit owner. Please contact your board or management company in order to report damage to your property that results from a common area element.

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